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The principle of operation



SoleRec system has a heat recovery panel that, owing it to its compactness, can be modularly mounted on top of the ventilation-outlets/chimneys. It has to be kept in mind that SoleRec is a system, not just the panel, consisting of different parts like accumulators, heat pump, controller and connecting pipes.

Part of the SoleRec’s panel is a ventilator that sucks the air out of the building, as a regular ventilation system. Warm air from the building flows through the heat recovery panel, transferring the heat to the heat exchanger that in turn transfers the heat to the heat exchange liquid that is circulating in the system. After the heat transfer, cooled air exits the heat recovery panel.

SoleRec panels are unique because of the heat exchangers, used for the heat transfer, that are made of stainless steel and coated with solar absorption layer. Due to the absorption layer, the heat recovery panels can be used as solar water heating panels as well.

After excess air has heated the heat exchange liquid, the liquid goes into a heat pump where the temperature of the liquid is efficiently raised and given to the heating system through hot water accumulators.

Principle schemes of the solar collector and heat pump modes: