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Eco Point’s heating substations

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Eco Point OÜ is the biggest heating substation producer in Estonia and we’ve exported to all the neighbouring countries, including Finland and Sweden!


Eco Point heating substations

Heating substations are produced by skilled and experienced craftsmen, in our production plant near Tallinn. Every building’s heating substation is chosen and dimensioned by our engineering-technical personnel, according to the initial task, consulting with the designer and if necessary, with the customer. In this way, the heating substation is produced to customer’s expectations. Furthermore, all substations undergo series of quality tests before leaving our production facility. Tests like: pressure and leakage test, tests for controller, actuator valves, pumps etc., all to make sure our customer gets the best quality product! 

Heating substations produced by Eco Point OÜ come on a compact frame. Standard factory made heating substation includes:

  • Heat exchangers
  • Regulating devices
  • Circulation pumps
  • Pump control centres(for manual and automated control)
  • Armature
  • Mud filters
  • Measuring devices

Standard heating substation also needs extra devices that are not installed during the production process but can be delivered with the heating substation. Those extra devices are:

  • Expansion tanks
  • Differential pressure regulators
  • Heat meters
  • District heating’s inlet armature and measuring devices

The customer can choose to order these from heating substation producer or to order these from somewhere else. Furthermore, the customer can choose, if one wishes to, the supplier of the devices or bring an already existing device to be installed into the heating substation.